Cartoon logo & character design, cartooning & illustration Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your art on my blog/website/class project?

The bulk of the art you see on my site was created for other clients and is therefore not available for any sort of usage unless otherwise specified. However, feel free to contact me to discuss. Some images may be available for licensed use for a small fee.

I've never hired an illustrator before. What does the process involve?

For starters, check out my cartooning & illustration process overview page for a full overview of what's involved.

In general, I will send over some questions to help me understand your project, and based on your answers I will provide a quote. After payment of your 50% deposit, I'll start on the initial sketches and send them to you via email.

Revised sketches will be created as needed from your feedback. Once the sketch has been approved, I will create the final color artwork in vector format. Working versions will be sent via email for feedback and final approval.

Once the final art has been approved, the final file package is sent over via email upon receipt of your payment of the balance due.

How can I hire you for custom work?

The best way to hire me for your cartooning project is to request a quote via my Quote Request Form.

Can I use an existing character for my own logo/mascot?

Using the exact same character art, no. However, I can definitely create a character along the same look and feel of the existing character as long as it is unique enough. But please dont expect to just change minor details. Each client has paid for a unique and original character and making a "knockoff" version is not the way I work.

How much does this cost?

In general, it's best to discuss your particular project, but you can get an overview of costs on my Rates page.

How long will it take to complete my project?

While this varies per-project, in general I ask clients to allow for 2 business weeks to complete a project if possible.

If that doesn't fit your timeframe, please to discuss. It's always possible that I can work things in for your timeframe or deadline.

What types of payment do you accept?

I prefer PayPal or Google Checkout, both of which accept credit or debit card payments without needing an account with either service.

Personal or business checks are fine as well, however this will delay the start time of your project until the check clears.

How is the artwork created?

I work exclusively in vector art, which is a great format as it allows the final art to be sized as small as a postage stamp or as large as a billboard using the same file, with no loss in quality.

The artwork will need to be exported in other formats for certain uses such as the web, and I provide a full file package as well. See the next question for details.

What do I receive with my final file package?

I provide a full file package that includes your final art in the following formats: EPS vector art, high-resolution PNG file, and both small and large JPEG and GIF files for web usage.

If you need any other format, I am glad to export them for you upon request. However, the formats mentioned above should cover almost every print or web usage out there.

If you're interested in what exactly you'll receive as part of the final files package, you can download a ZIP file with some sample art.

Who owns the final artwork?

Typically for logo and character mascot projects, the price quoted will include the copyright transfer. It's your responsibility to optionally register the copyright with the U.S. Copyright office if you prefer.

Is the artwork on your site available for licensing?

Most of the work you see on the site was created for other clients and not available for licensing. However, feel free to drop a line with a link to the relevant image if you are not sure.

I do plan on having licensed art work available in the very near future, and I can always create original work for licensing to you as long as it's not for a logo or branding. Any artwork that is specific to your company or project will probably need to be created as custom art if I don't feel it has a wide enough appeal to license out to others.

Do you work for free?

Sorry, no.

Will you work for a percentage of the profits from this awesome business venture I'm starting?

I don't do any work for percentages of profits only.

Can I get some sample sketches to see if I like your ideas before we get started?

Sorry, no. My website portfolio should give you a full understanding of the kind of artwork I create.

I am more than glad to discuss your project via phone or email prior to starting the process, but no sketches or artwork will be created without some sort of payment for my efforts.

You can also read what satisfied clients have to say about working with me on the Testimonials page.

What tools do you use to create your artwork?

I sketch on paper, but do the bulk of the creative work on a Mac Pro with 14GB of RAM, running the latest version of Mac OS X using Adobe Creative Suite. Photoshop for the sketching, Illustrator for the vector art.

I of course use a Wacom, currently an Intuos4 Medium Graphics Tablet. I mostly use the Intuos4, even for non-art computer use, but do have a Magic Mouse and a Magic Trackpad on the desk. Yeah, I'm a Mac geek.

You might also want to check out the Tools category and the Software category over on my blog.

What is vector art and why should I care?

Vector art is a resolution-independent artwork file format that is especially useful in logo/branding/identity situations where the artwork will be used at many sizes and resolutions for print and web. I wrote an in-depth article about vector art over on the blog that covers why it is an ideal format for a cartoon logo and how it differs from pixel-based bitmap or raster art.

In short, you do not need to file either but it's a good idea to do so. The artwork I create for you would fall under copyright, not trademark. Please see my in-depth article on the differences between copyrights and trademarks when it comes to cartoon logos and characters over on the blog for detailed information.

Do you create animated logos?

Often client inquire about "animated logos" when referring to an illustrated cartoon logo (like the cartoon logos you see in my portfolio). So, if you are referring to this kind of logo, yes I do indeed create them. If you are looking for logos that are literally animated -- meaning they actually have animation/movement in them -- then no I do not provide those kinds of cartoon logos.

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