Cartoon Characters & Logos

For a standalone cartoon character design (character-only, not part of a full logo design), pricing starts at $650 for one pose, and includes 10 rounds of revisions and full ownership (copyright transfer) of the final character art.

Pricing for a full illustrated logo (cartoon character design incorporated into a full logo design with style text) starts at $950.

Additional poses would be priced based on how much of the original character pose we can re-use. This typically falls into a range of $75 to $250.

The specifics of your project will determine the final pricing, so please be sure to contact me with all your specific project details for a proper quote.

This pricing also assumes you are a small- to medium-sized business with local/regional usage of the final artwork.


Pricing for creating backgrounds/designs using an existing character pose would also depend on the specifics of the background/design, but generally these too would fall in the $75 to $250 range.

Basically, the more complex and/or new stuff I have to draw, the more time I need to devote, and thus the higher the fee.

Future Plans

And if you can let me know any future plans you have for the character, that helps too.

It’s ideal to design the character now to allow for anything you intend to do in the future — for example, if you want t-shirts at some point, you want me to design a character that prints and displays well on a t-shirt, and doesn’t cost a fortune to achieve that.


If you choose to hire me, I will send a 50% deposit invoice to get started, and the balance will be due before I deliver the final files.

The final files will be 100% hand-crafted vector art, which means they can be resized to any dimensions without losing image quality.

Cancellation Policy

I will send over digital images via email showing you my progress, and ask for your input and feedback at every step.

You will have the opportunity throughout the process to make sure I am headed in a direction you’re happy with.

The standard project fee includes up to 10 rounds of revisions. After that, any extensive revisions will be billed at $25 per revision.

If for any reason you’re not pleased with the progress of the sketches, I will work out a cancellation fee based on how much work I’ve put in to that point. Usually this is 25% of the total project fee.

Use my contact form to get started on your project.