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I know, I know — filling out forms is no fun. But I'll need to know the answers to these questions eventually in order to prep a quote for you.

Obviously some of these questions may not be applicable, but please try to answer as many as possible. The better I know you, your company and your project, the better I can create that perfect cartoon character or logo you have in mind.

I also have a podcast episode discussing the overview of the cartooning process and some insight on the questions below.

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Copyright transfer is for full ownership, and is required for mascots, logos and any branding usage. Licensed art would cover spot illustration for single blog posts, flyers, invitations and the like. Note that licensed art will be made available to others for licensed use.

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For mascot/logo projects, please include a description of the character you have in mind, such as human, animal, or object.

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Please briefly describe the company, product or service that the illustration/character/logo will be used with.

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The following fields are optional, but your answers would be very helpful so I encourage you to fill each of them out. The more I know about your project, the smoother everything will go.

However, we can always discuss things further via email or phone.

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If you have specific details on the final usage of the final artwork not covered by the checkboxes above, please indicate them here.

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If there is a specific age range, gender, nationality, personality type etc. for the viewers of the final art, please indicate here.

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Is there a specific look you are trying to achieve?
Links to samples from my website or the web for reference are helpful here.

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What is the overall style, attitude or impression you're trying to convey?

Positioning and pose
Is there a specific pose or positing desired for the character?

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If your project requires specific fonts, please list the names of them here.

Please list any additional or specific details, clothing, props, backgrounds required.

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