Feedback: Del.ici.ous Link Posts; Blog: Post Frequency Update

Lately work has become quite busy, and updating the blog has become less frequent because of this. I try to, for the most part, make sure the entries are substantial and well-linked, and that takes time. I thought that it would be preferable to slow down rather than add fluff posts just to fill my daily blog quota. Of course the occasional art or artist post will be published when I find something cool.

The automatic del.ici.ous link posts I thought would be a good way to keep the information flowing without having full posts. I am curious how the readers out there feel about the del.ici.ous link posts — should they stay or go?

And while you are posting in the comments, please feel free to offer suggestions for future posts you’d like to see or topics you’d like to see covered. Lately it seems I have been overdosing on the Adobe Illustrator topic, and I would like to get more focused on cartooning and illustration in general. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees…

I look forward to your thoughts.