Dawg Pound

Cleveland Browns "dog pound" art "Dawg Pound" cartoon illustration

Cleveland Browns "dog pound" art "Dawg Pound" cartoon illustration

My new Cleveland Browns “dog pound” inspired artwork “Dawg Pound” is now available on t-shirts, apparel, mugs, keychains, stickers, buttons & more at my Coghill Cartooning Zazzle online store.

I’m not much of a football guy, but being a Cleveland native and a northeast Ohio resident — lots of people I know are. After poking around to see what kind of illustrations and artwork was out there for Browns fans, I was kind of disappointed to see some pretty weak “dog pound” designs.

That of course inspired me to create my own. I couldn’t tell you how the Browns Stadium “Dog Pound” got it’s name, but an aggressive dog makes for a great character for t-shirts.

I recall thinking that the biggest drawback to football mascots it having them wear a helmet since it obscures the head & face of the character. The Cleveland Browns currently have no official mascot, just the orange and brown helmet and colors. But with the unofficial fan-created “Dog Pound”, I found inspiration — just make the dog’s fur as if it were colored like the Browns helmet. Thus, the design was born.

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