George Coghill Interview at Drawn By Success

A recent audio interview I did with Bob Ostrom and Carlos Castellanos for their artist business blog Drawn By Success just went up.

Carlos, Bob and I discuss what it means to be a self-employed illustrator, how to market yourself online, as well as what works and what doesn’t for promoting yourself to clients from our experiences. We also discuss the importance of social media and positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

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George Coghill Interview at Design Inspiration


Just posted over at Design Interviews is an interview with yours truly. Jeff Andrews—the mastermind behind not only Design Interviews but also illustrator group sketch blog Sugar Frosted Goodness among others—was kind enough to ask me to answer some questions and provide some artwork to feature me as one of the artists on the site.

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Cartoonist/illustrator George Coghill interview at Design Inspiration.

Cartooning & Illustration: Recent & Current Work Teaser


It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my blog with recent work, I have been (gladly) super busy with client projects, deadlines and upcoming work that I need to make time for now. A lot of really great cartooning projects have been recently wrapped up, with lots more good stuff on the digital drawing board right now.

The image above is a quick teaser showcasing some of the recent work — both finished and in progress — including: a cartoon Marines character for a t-shirt design for a Young Marines troop, a cartoon monster character for a self-published children’s book project I was just awarded, a cartoon ogre mascot for a video game portal website, an “inventor Mom” character with her home made robot, a tough security guard/body guard mascot character for an online data storage company, a puppy dog mascot character, a surfer character for a gyro/souvlaki restaurant, a frog version of the Statue of Liberty for the Ohio Canal Corridor’s annual event t-shirt, more avatar portrait illustrations for the Cleveland, Ohio travel & visitors bureau Positively Cleveland, and a fish mascot character and logo for a niche fishing utility product.

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