The Beziér Artist’s Liberation Front: Adobe Illustrator Feature Requests

Adobe Illustrator logoAfter an engaging exchange on Twitter with illustrators: Garth Bruner and Von “Vonster” Glitschka, who are constantly Twittering about their frustrations with being forced to switch from Freehand to Illustrator after Adobe’s acquisition of Macromedia, things reached the point where all involved thought that we need a way to band together and get some feature requests implemented in the next version of Adobe Illustrator.

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Rejected CafePress shirts

I guess these concepts/designs violated some sort of copyright thing.

The first, one of my corny pun t-shirt ideas, Fat Albert Einstein.

The design, with of course, “Hey Hey Hey! E=mc2“:

Next up, my Nike parody. Aren’t parodies covered under copyright law? I’m sure CafePress “reserves the right” blah blah blah…

For us lazy cynics out there, a proper alternative to the “Just Do It” slogan – “The Hell With It.”