The All-New Coghill Cartooning Website & Blog

It’s been far overdue, but I’ve finally rolled up my sleeves and merged the portfolio website and the blo, and moved the blog to the main domain.

In actuality, what I did was add a cartoon logo portfolio section to the blog, and created new info pages, migrating all that content from the old portfolio site to the blog. Then I moved the web address of the blog from the old subdirectory location ( to the main directory (, deleting the old portfolio site in the process (and of course redirecting the old pages to the equivalents on this new site).

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If you haven’t noticed, I’ve done a complete overhaul to my website as well as moving everything over to the domain. Designed by me, coded by my patient friend John “CJ” Wallace (@vagrantrevival).

A big tip of the hat to: my buddy Greg Newman at 20Seven (@gregnewman) for snazzing up my navigation links and general web Jedi advice, Matheau Dakoske (@matheaud) of Code Line Software for more coding help and general testing, and finally Heather Malarcik (@hkmalarcik) at Malarcik Marketing for proof-reading and spicing up the text content.

In a sense, this new website reflects a milestone for me. More on that later. For now, I want to share some of the background behind the process.

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