Odd Rods style scooter hot rod cartoon art at The Scooter Scoop

Odd Rods inspired scooter hot rod cartoon art
Hot-rod scooter cartoon mascot character.

Steve over at The Scooter Scoop commissioned me a few months back to create an original Odd Rods inspired cartoon illustration for his blog. He’s posted a kudo-laden entry about the Odd Rods style scooter monster hot rod cartoon art I did for him, and I appreciate it very much. Just wanted to return the favor and give Steve and The Scooter Scoop a little press.The “Mod Rod” cartoon art is available at Café Press as well.

Thanks Steve!

Official Odd Rods trading cards website redesign now live

Odd Rods trading cards collage

For the past few months I have been working on a pretty cool project, redesigning the official website for the relaunch of the classic Odd Rods™ trading card series of crazy, funny cartoon hot rod monsters & creatures – big eyes bugging out, goofy smiles with teeth bared & tongues wagging. The proud new owners of the Odd Rods™ trademarks and copyrights got in touch with the original cartoonist/illustrator/artist extraordinaire Bob “B.K.” Taylor to bring these awesome cartoon characters back into the popular culture where they belong.

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The Pickled Pig – drunk, green cartoon pig on a t-shirt

Pickled Pig cartoon character t-shirt

Hot on the heels of the Cartoon Nerd & Geek t-shirts comes the Pickled Pig cartoon character t-shirt!

Why The Pickled Pig you ask? Well, eons ago I created a t-shirt for a mail-order company based off the phrase “The Pickled Pig”, and it was intended to be a faux “pub shirt”. Not only have I received many emails regarding that illustration since posting on my website, but I was also informed that the company was no longer producing them, and no intentions of doing so in the future.

Well, that just isn’t right, and I set about to fix things. Not wanting to cause any headaches with the original company, and knowing I could create an even better version of the Pickled Pig, I set about months ago to sketching up a new one. And the sketch sat on my computer, anxiously awaiting the touch of the Wacom tablet to it’s roughly sketched being. Until today.

Immediately available for purchase as a t-shirt from Zazzle.com, I present to you the new and improved Pickled Pig cartoon t-shirt!

And awesomly enough, before I have even had a chance to finish thi spost I see on the product page I have been awarded best design of today! Not really sure how that award thing works, but it’s cool!

Update: I lost my Zazzle award after deleting the original shirt due to uploading a version without my copyright & website tagline on the shirt. After my Nerf fiasco in my younger days, I have come to realize the importance of protecting your work.

Rejected CafePress shirts

I guess these concepts/designs violated some sort of copyright thing.

The first, one of my corny pun t-shirt ideas, Fat Albert Einstein.

The design, with of course, “Hey Hey Hey! E=mc2“:

Next up, my Nike parody. Aren’t parodies covered under copyright law? I’m sure CafePress “reserves the right” blah blah blah…

For us lazy cynics out there, a proper alternative to the “Just Do It” slogan – “The Hell With It.”