Roller Derby Superhero Girl Concept Sketch

Roller Derby Girl Superhero Cartoon Character Concept Sketch Coghill

Roller Derby Girl Superhero Cartoon Character Concept Sketch Coghill

This sketch of a superhero roller derby girl was created for a client’s animation project which didn’t end up going past the concept stage.

There were of course a team of roller derby girls, each with their own powers, signature color and element. This girl’s element was obviously “water”.

I liked how this turned out, and it was fun to work in this more realistic cartoon style. I also enjoy coming up with variations on a theme, so I was looking forward to developing the rest of the characters in the group.

The Animator’s Survival Kit

The Animators Survival Kit instructional DVD setThis Animator’s Survival Kit DVD set from Oscar-winning animator Richard Willams looks like a great resource for those animators out there. Personally, I do not have the patience for animation, but it’s fascinating to me.

This DVD set is a companion to Williams’ highly-rated Animator’s Survival Kit book. The site doesn’t seem to indicate if the book is included with the DVD set, but it seems not to be.

Richard Williams was awarded two Oscars for the animation on “Who Framed Roger Rabbit“. He directed and designed Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, Baby Herman and all the new characters for the Walt Disney/Steven Spielberg production.

The set isn’t cheap at £634.04 (or about $1,252.42 for us U.S. folks as of the date of this post).

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