Dragon Head

Dragon Head Limited Palette Drawing Coghill

Dragon Head Limited Palette Drawing Coghill

I’ve been working on these limited-palette dragon head drawings off and on over the past few weeks. I’ve got a small series of them, all ready for finalizing and these need to be released as prints and t-shirts for sure. A few people have suggested perhaps even embroidered patches.

Stay tuned for more of the drawings in the series.

“Cryptid Command” Patches Now Available!

Cryptid Command Kit all patches dog tag

Cryptid Command All Patches Bigfoot Army, Nessie Navy, Alien Air Force

Thanks to all the awesome backers on the Cryptid Command campaign on Kickstarter, I was able to get this paranormal-themed embroidered patch and merchandise set created. The Cryptid Command patches are now available over on my Monsterologist shop.

Featuring 4 super[natural] embroidered patches, a dog tag and an I.D. card, and a PVC emblem (soft rubber dimensional patch).

The officer’s kit includes:

• “Bigfoot Army” embroidered patch
• “Nessie Navy” embroidered patch
• “Alien Air Force” embroidered patch
• “Cryptid Command” embroidered patch

• The “Paranormal Forces” logo PVC emblem.

• Metal dog tag with the Cryptid Command shield and the Paranormal Forces logo, printed on each side.

• Individually-numbered, 2-sided plastic I.D. card

The kit is available with either standard plastic backing or Velcro-backed patches and emblems.

Cryptid Command Kit all patches dog tag
Cryptid Command Kit
Cryptid Command Paranormal Forces Pvc Emblem & dog tag Cryptid Command Paranormal Forces Pvc Emblem, Dog Tag, I.D. Card

The Paranormal Pledge of Allegiance:

“I pledge allegiance to the Weird,
and to the Altered States of the Paranormal
And to the supernatural, from which they come…
Many dimensions, unexplained, with oddity and strangeness for all.”

Roller Derby Superhero Girl Concept Sketch

Roller Derby Girl Superhero Cartoon Character Concept Sketch Coghill

Roller Derby Girl Superhero Cartoon Character Concept Sketch Coghill

This sketch of a superhero roller derby girl was created for a client’s animation project which didn’t end up going past the concept stage.

There were of course a team of roller derby girls, each with their own powers, signature color and element. This girl’s element was obviously “water”.

I liked how this turned out, and it was fun to work in this more realistic cartoon style. I also enjoy coming up with variations on a theme, so I was looking forward to developing the rest of the characters in the group.

“Ghost Guard” on Kickstarter; “The War of Art”, Artistic Procrastination & Perfectionism • Episode 09

I discuss the new Kickstarter campaign, “Ghost Guard“, as well as my upcoming Kickstarter campaign schedule, including the ancient mysteries patch set, the “Cryptid Command: Series 2” patch set (Chupacabra, Mothman & The Kraken) and the Halloween patch set.

From there I discuss one of my favorite books from the past 5 years, “The War Of Art” by Stephen Pressfield. I dig into my perspective on the possible origins of his concept of “Resistance”, which I feel is rooted in perfectionism and procrastination.

The War Of Art” by Stephen Pressfield

The Seven Secrets of the Prolific

My Kickstarter campaigns.

Topics Discussed:

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