The Pickled Pig – drunk, green cartoon pig on a t-shirt

Pickled Pig cartoon character t-shirt

Hot on the heels of the Cartoon Nerd & Geek t-shirts comes the Pickled Pig cartoon character t-shirt!

Why The Pickled Pig you ask? Well, eons ago I created a t-shirt for a mail-order company based off the phrase “The Pickled Pig”, and it was intended to be a faux “pub shirt”. Not only have I received many emails regarding that illustration since posting on my website, but I was also informed that the company was no longer producing them, and no intentions of doing so in the future.

Well, that just isn’t right, and I set about to fix things. Not wanting to cause any headaches with the original company, and knowing I could create an even better version of the Pickled Pig, I set about months ago to sketching up a new one. And the sketch sat on my computer, anxiously awaiting the touch of the Wacom tablet to it’s roughly sketched being. Until today.

Immediately available for purchase as a t-shirt from, I present to you the new and improved Pickled Pig cartoon t-shirt!

And awesomly enough, before I have even had a chance to finish thi spost I see on the product page I have been awarded best design of today! Not really sure how that award thing works, but it’s cool!

Update: I lost my Zazzle award after deleting the original shirt due to uploading a version without my copyright & website tagline on the shirt. After my Nerf fiasco in my younger days, I have come to realize the importance of protecting your work.