“Party Girl” Sketch

Drunk party girl cartoon character sketch/drawing.

Rough sketch for a drunk “party girl” cartoon character design. Complete with Mardi Gras beads and a princess/birthday tiara.

This rough concept sketch was created for a current client project, and wasn’t used because another concept was more fitting for the company/website, despite the fact that they loved the drunk girl character.

She’s too funny to let go, so I plan on finalizing the character in full color vector art once I have the chance, but had to share her with you in rough sketch format until then.

Enjoy (*hic*)!

2 thoughts on ““Party Girl” Sketch

  1. Hi there! I am helping my sister start a sports blog. She hands down knows more about sports that most men. She worked for the NY Giants for 15 years. I came across this sketch and it is perfect for her profile pic (only thing that would be tetter is if she had a martini in one hand and a football in the other – LOL) may I use this image?

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