Legendary Legion: Folklore Creature Patches on Kickstarter

Fairy, elf, gnome, goblin, troll, ogre embroidered patch art.

Fairy, elf, gnome, goblin, troll, ogre embroidered patch art.

My new embroidered patch set, “Legendary Legion”, feature six blacklight-inspired colorful patch designs featuring classic folklore creatures — fairies, elves, gnomes, trolls, ogres and goblins. Dwarves and a golem might also show up…

The campaign launches on October 16, 2017 on Kickstarter, and runs for two weeks.

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Krampus, Luke Skywalker and the Non-Dual Nature of Bad Guys • Episode 07

In this first episode of the “real” podcast, I discuss the progress on the recent Kickstarter campaign, Cryptid Command, as well as my upcoming Kickstarter campaign schedule, including the still-secret ghost-themed merchandise set with glow-in-the-dark items, the Halloween patch and trading card set, and the paranormal trading card series. As well as the plans for the Cryptid Command: Series 2 (Mothman, Chupacabra and The Kraken) patch set and the Grassman/Skunk Ape/Yowie patch set which will continue the Bigfoot Patrol series with even more hairy hominids.

I also go off on a tangent discussing the non-dual nature of the Santa/Krampus yin/yang relationship and how it all relates to Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

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