“Penny Pincher” Illustration Featured in Video Ad


The “Penny Pincher” custom cartoon illustration was created for retailer UncleVic.com is featured in their current video ad, “Don’t Tell Everybody!” as part of their “Don’t Tell Everybody” Thanksgiving/Black Friday advertising campaign. The artwork will then be featured throughout Uncle Vic’s main advertising & promotions after turkey day.

The “Penny Pincher” cartoon coin art was a custom variation on my Lincoln penny cartoon coin illustration.

A couple of small tweaks were also made to the art to brand it for Uncle Vic — note the “In Vic We Trust” slogan across the top and “Frugality” replacing “Liberty” on the left-hand side.

(Clicking the play button will jump to the relevant spot in the video where the artwork is shown)

Adobe Illustrator Video Tip: Quickly Add Smooth Transition Anchor Points

In this video, I am sharing with you a vector path creation technique to speed up the process of creating curved paths by adding intermediate anchor points after your corners have been created. I used to create my anchor points as I was following the curve of the shape I was tracing. Instead, with this technique the anchor points are added to your vector path after your corners have been created, allowing Illustrator to approximate the length of the curve handles for you with much greater accuracy the first time around.

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Video: Photoshop CS4 Spring-Loaded Keys

Another brief video in my instructional series introducing some great new features in Photoshop CS4 for artists, cartoonists, illustrators and anyone else who sketches or draws using Photoshop.

This video features the excellent new Spring-Loaded Keys feature that allows you to access a tool temporarily by holding down the key for that tool, similar to using the Spacebar for the Hand tool – only for every tool in Photoshop now.