Oakbrook Brewhouse

Oakbrook Brewing Company Firefighter Parrot Cartoon Logo Illustration Coghill
Oakbrook Brewing Company logo

“After spending some time looking for the right designer to create the logo for my new brewing company and brewpub, I chose George Coghill and Coghill Cartooning. I could not be happier with the result. George gave consideration to my requirements and incorporated the elements that were important to me while using his insight and design skills to develop a logo that both accurately represented the company identity and looked great.

During the process I learned that George is one of those rare individuals who is not only talented at his art, but also a professional who understands the business side of things. I was pleasantly surprised that the process was more collaborative than I had expected. George communicated with me frequently throughout the project and the result was not just a cartoon logo, but a design that will be an integral part of my overall brand.”

Kyle at Oakbrook Brewhouse