Cartoon Devil Girl Pin-Up Art PSP Tubes now available for licensing at

Starting today, my PSP Tubes licesning agreement with for pin-up art is now live with the availability to all you PSP tubers and MySpace graphics artistes of four initial sexy & cute devil girl pin-up illustrations.

The initial PSP tube cartoon illustrations feature an updated version of the cute cartoon pinup devil girl on my cartoon illustration portfolio site, as well as 3 additional devil girl pinup illustrations that have been in my personal stash.

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Cartoon United States coin illustrations now available for licensed download

cartoon illustration of one cent penny

My previous post about those vector cartoon coin illustrations which didn’t make the cut over at iStockPhoto has a pleasant update – for some reason, they have been accepted! I put a pretty good amount of time on these, as they were a pet project of mine for years and I have been itching for a reason to get off my lazy butt and create final vector art of these cartoon coins. I’m glad I finally did. Move your mouse on over and check out (and download) these cool cartoon coins (direct links below)! And don’t forget to give me some rating feedback (5 stars of course).

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Official Odd Rods trading cards website redesign now live

Odd Rods trading cards collage

For the past few months I have been working on a pretty cool project, redesigning the official website for the relaunch of the classic Odd Rods™ trading card series of crazy, funny cartoon hot rod monsters & creatures – big eyes bugging out, goofy smiles with teeth bared & tongues wagging. The proud new owners of the Odd Rods™ trademarks and copyrights got in touch with the original cartoonist/illustrator/artist extraordinaire Bob “B.K.” Taylor to bring these awesome cartoon characters back into the popular culture where they belong.

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New cartoon illustration work posted

I suppose I should also mention here that I have recently updated my site with some recent cartooning projects. Page Two of my illustration section can be found here.

A few new Hot Rod/Odd Rod style monsters, including the super cool scooter hot rod creature, a cute puppy dog, a sexy couple, a nerd super hero, a Donald Trump-esque fat cat rich guy and mor- actually that’s all for now.

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Like a New Sketchbook

…intimidating, but exciting.

So what’s this all about? Well, it seems you almost HAVE to have a blog nowadays, at least for the next few months before something else gets popular. I guess it better than having to have a MySpace account. Can’t hurt in Google ranking either.

I’ll be posting some random artwork, mostly stuff not found on my cartoon illustration portfolio site, and hopefully this will contain all new artwork & sketches, like this cool zombie I need to finish:

I’m just setting this up, so that’s all for now.