Illustrator WOW! CS6 Tutorial Book — Now With More Coghill!

Just a quick news item: the Adobe Illustrator CS6 version of the superb Illustrator WOW! tutorial book series for Adobe Illustrator will feature a lesson by yours truly.

I was approached by the author, Sharon Steuer, to contribute an advanced technique to the book. We decided to present a unique method of quickly applying color to your line art using Adobe Illustrator’s Shape Builder tool.  The cartoon logos and cartoon characters you see on my website and blog are created using this technique.

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Live Vector Cartooning & Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Working on initial vector art in Adobe Illustrator CS5 on a cartoon illustration project. Recorded live broadcast via Ustream.

I discuss (as usual) vector art workflow tips, freelancing and business thoughts and general random nerd stuff.

Download the Adobe Illustrator scripts mentioned by John Beatty in the chat during the video.

Some links to Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, which I also discussed in the video. I get these flareups occasionally when doing extended vector art, and general computer drawing with the stylus in general.

Belt-Fed Baby

Cartoon baby character holding a machine gun.

Cartoon baby character holding a Browning machine gun.

Here’s a wild project I recently completed – Belt-Fed Baby!

The client was the owner of a gun shop, and he always used the pun of referring to himself as a “belt-fed baby” (as opposed to a “bottle-fed baby”), playing on the belt-fed aspect of machine guns.

I loved the juxtaposition of the cute baby and the giant machine gun, although I am sure there are some out there who will be up in arms over the design.

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