iPhone Game Design: Active Bomb Sweeper

Bomb Sweeper iPhone game design - main screen

Bomb Sweeper iPhone game design - main screen

Active Bomb Sweeper is an iPhone puzzle game app developed and coded by Zeologic, for which I created the character design, illustrations and overall game design.

Read on for more about the illustration and design process, as well as some technical notes on using Adobe Illustrator CS5’s Pixel Grid and the limitations of using PNG export versus Save For Web when outputting iOS graphics for the Retina Display.

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Raster and Vector Graphics — An Overview


I recently needed to explain to a client the basic differences between Raster and Vector graphics, and came across this handy Raster and Vector Graphics overview at Mike’s Sketchpad.

While the explanation there is a nice summary, I would recommend any Adobe Illustrator (or other vector graphics software) users out there do a bit more research into vector art.

However for a quick explanation for a client or a non-vector graphics friend, the overview linked above pretty much sums it up as much as a non-vector art geek wants to know about the topic.

20 Comic & Cartooning Photoshop Tutorials

A collection of links to twenty great comics and cartooning tutorials over at PSDtuts. Lots of tips for inking in both Photoshop and Illustrator, coloring, using Photoshop layers to your advantage, achieving halftone effects and other comic-book style looks to your art.

A great resource. You can never have too much information about how other artists use graphics software to create their work. I often take tips from multiple tutorials and create my own workflow from just a tip here and a technique there.

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Color Blindness Software Tools for Artists

Color blindness screenshotJust stumbled across these handy Mac OS X software applications to help designers and artists simulate the effects of color blindness on-screen: Sim Daltonism and Color Oracle.

Sim Daltonism works as a floating palette which converts an area under your mouse cursor to the selected type of color blindness — it works similar to the Apple Digital Color Meter sampling utility. There are 8 different types of color blindness to test. Color Oracle works as a menubar item which converts the entire monitor to the selected mode of color blindness, but only offers the three most common forms.

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Cute Cartoon Devil Girl Pinup T-Shirts Available

Cute devil girl pinup cartoon illustration t-shirtI recently updated my store over at Zazzle to include three cartoon pinup devil girl t-shirt designs. Included in this round are the devil girl with 8-ball bikini, the devil girl with giant 8-ball and hot rod flames, and the devil girl with the risqué hiked skirt.

Also available at the store are stickers and keychains with your favorite devil girl, as well as more t-shirts and other merchandise featuring my cartoon art.

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