— Launched!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve done a complete overhaul to my website as well as moving everything over to the domain. Designed by me, coded by my patient friend John “CJ” Wallace (@vagrantrevival).

A big tip of the hat to: my buddy Greg Newman at 20Seven (@gregnewman) for snazzing up my navigation links and general web Jedi advice, Matheau Dakoske (@matheaud) of Code Line Software for more coding help and general testing, and finally Heather Malarcik (@hkmalarcik) at Malarcik Marketing for proof-reading and spicing up the text content.

In a sense, this new website reflects a milestone for me. More on that later. For now, I want to share some of the background behind the process.

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Commander In Beef

Cartoon illustration of Obama & McCain fighting over a meatball on dinner plate.

A recent Obama & McCain humorous cartoon illustration I created for Time Out NY for the “Commander In Beef” article regarding what New York City chefs would prepare for the 2008 presidential candidates. The illustration was created for the dining section, and is currently being featured on the front page of the Time Out NY website’s dining section. The featured artwork is a spot illustration companion piece to the full page illustration I created for the print article:

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Monk/Friar With Beer Keg – Cartoon Mascot Illustration

Cartoon monk mascot with beer (thumbnail)I recently finished up this ‘Theology On Tap’ cartoon character mascot/logo project for a youth ministries client.

The client is a youth ministries minister, and his new program is focused on bringing discussions of theological matters into more casual settings to try and reach additional young people.

The artwork is intended to be used on various advertising and promotional materials, as well as a t-shirt design.

I thought it odd at first, but I suppose there’s nothing really wrong about talking about religious matters in a bar, right? And I suppose a minister knows the deal. My only concern was to create a great illustration for him and his project.

Anyways, read on for an in-depth overview of the process to create this cartoon character mascot/logo from start to finish, including unused sketches created along the way.

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