‘Girl In The Moon’ Pin-Up Cartoon Illustration T-Shirt Available

Cartoon pin-up girl in the moon t-shirt illustration designI finally got around to getting one of my favorite personal cartoon pin-up illustrations — the ‘Girl In The Moon‘ — available  for purchase over at my Zazzle store.

I have been meaning to get more artwork up there available for purchase, but recently client work has been pretty much taking up all my hours in the day.

Already available are some devil girl pinup illustration t-shirts, stickers, keychains and other items.

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“Average Joe” Cartoon Mascot Guy & Sexy Woman Illustration

Cartoon guy with sexy girl color vector art“Average Joe” is a recent cartoon character mascot I created for a client. The project specs were pretty straightforward – two cartoon characters, one being “Average Joe” who would become the company mascot, and for this particular illustration he would need a sexy cartoon woman wrapped around him.

This project had a very tight deadline, so I got to work immediately on the sketches. The initial rough sketch was created to get the general idea down and to start the conversation. Being a tight deadline, I sent out a sketch that normally I would have refined a bit before sending. In this case, I needed immediate feedback on the direction so I sent this rough concept to get the client’s OK on the overall posing of the characters and the general look.

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Cute Cartoon Devil Girl Pinup T-Shirts Available

Cute devil girl pinup cartoon illustration t-shirtI recently updated my store over at Zazzle to include three cartoon pinup devil girl t-shirt designs. Included in this round are the devil girl with 8-ball bikini, the devil girl with giant 8-ball and hot rod flames, and the devil girl with the risqué hiked skirt.

Also available at the store are stickers and keychains with your favorite devil girl, as well as more t-shirts and other merchandise featuring my cartoon art.

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The Girl In The Moon

Sexy pinup Girl in the Moon cartoon illustrationI recently updated the “Girl in the Moon” artwork (while drinking some Miller High Life beers, of course). I had initially created a version of her a few years back, and while I thought it was good at the time, lately I have been wanting to update her as she was my first attempt at a pinup style illustration. I have been working towards a certain look/style for the pinup girls, including some devil girl pinup art and others and felt I was getting closer to that vision as of late.

I thought it only fair to go back and update the original. A request to get that original art in t-shirt format prompted me to start work on the new version.

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