Monster Monday: Blue Beast

Cartoon drawing of a blue devil/demon I drew up for Monster Monday.

Original sketch drawn in my sketchbook, graphite on paper, then scanned into Photoshop where the sketch cleanup and color was added using a Wacom Intuos3 graphics tablet.

Original sketch was very rough, the scanned sketch was tweaked in Photoshop and then flipped to save time and keep the symmetry. I build up my line work on multiple layers just so I can turn them on and off to compare how the changes look. Once I am pleased with the progress I will merge the newer layer to the master line art layer.

A fill layer for the base color was added, then a shading layer (set to Multiply mode) and a highlights layer (set to Screen mode) were added and the respective elements painted in.

You can see from the rough sketch below how I was working with very definite geometric shapes for the overall structure of the head:

I like to work very rough and loose at this stage to get the ideas out and not get caught up in details. I want there to be a firm framework underlying the drawing, but also energy and movement.

3 thoughts on “Monster Monday: Blue Beast

  1. @Raguz — thanks man. To be honest, I surprise myself at times. I wasn’t sure how this one was going to come out but in the end it became on of my recent faves.

    Awesome Band Name Wednesday. Hmmm…

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