Belt-Fed Baby

Cartoon baby character holding a Browning machine gun.

Here’s a wild project I recently completed – Belt-Fed Baby!

The client was the owner of a gun shop, and he always used the pun of referring to himself as a “belt-fed baby” (as opposed to a “bottle-fed baby”), playing on the belt-fed aspect of machine guns.

I loved the juxtaposition of the cute baby and the giant machine gun, although I am sure there are some out there who will be up in arms over the design.

The colors were kept to a limited palette in order to keep the screen printing costs down for the t-shirts (more colors = more inks = more money). this design is actually not the final design used for the t-shirt, but the “full color” version was kept to a minimum of colors to match up to the t-shirt design.

The above design was based on a Browning machine gun, and an alternate design with an MG-42 gun was also created:

Cartoon baby with MG-42 machine gun.

Check out the Belt-Fed Baby cartoon character on the portfolio.

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  1. that is very good because i was aball to put it in a power ponit so more people might go on it.

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