Monkey cartoon character sketch

Monkey cartoon character sketchJust a quick post of a current sketch I am working on for a monkey cartoon character design I am working on for a company mascot.

7 thoughts on “Monkey cartoon character sketch

  1. Hello man, im a graphic designer and im using the monkey illustration for a logo proposal i have to present to a client on this days. Can you please right back to me to let me know how much you will charge for this in the case thay aproove it and how much you will charge for modifications in case that they are needded? and i will like to get in touch with you for some other posible projects.

    thanks bro! have a good day


    1. This artwork was created for another client and is not available. Please contact me to discuss the creation of an original character. I have to ask you to remove the art from your proposal as well. Thanks.

  2. Hi George,

    I’m seconds away from having this tattooed on my arm, I am stealing your work but I promise its my arm, my girlfriend is tattooing me so its for my own personal use… please don’t make me cut my arm off :-)

    Excellent graphic… curious as to who the company is.. will I be walking around with a logo representing something completely embarrassing.. hope not :-)

    let me know and I’ll send you a pic of the tattoo, maybe your client can use me in an advertising campaign…

    Dear god I’m going to regret posting this :-)

    Best wishes


  3. I like the monkey…I had a dream of a monkey and I hope if its ok if I use the monkey as a part of my artwork…I don’t plan of selling the artwork…thanks…

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