NAZCA: Ancient Astronaut Mission Patch Set on Kickstarter

NAZCA-ancient astronaut mission patches Sphinx pyramids stonehenge easter island

NAZCA: Ancient Astronaut Mission Patches

This patch set features 3 main embroidered patches with an ancient mysteries theme, and the artwork features the enigmatic monuments Stonehenge, the Sphinx and pyramids and the Moai heads of Easter Island.

***NAZCA: Ancient Astronaut Mission Patches are now available for purchase! Click here.***

The concept here is that these are a set of mission patches for Ancient Astronauts visiting our planet in the remote past, commemorating their various spaceports here on Outpost Earth which we now know as ancient places of mysterious origins.

Nazca ancient astronaut mission patch Easter IslandNazca ancient astronaut mission patch StonehengeNazca ancient astronaut mission patch Sphinx & pyramids Egypt


As I have been developing this ongoing series of patch sets each with an “official agency” theme (park ranger, military, police for Bigfoot Patrol, Yeti Squad, Sasquatch Brigade, the Cryptid Command set of Bigfoot Army, Nessie Navy, Alien Air Force, and the Ghost Guard patch set)), I knew that I wanted to work up some cool astronaut patches (another iconic patch-using organization), but I was at a loss as to how to integrate it into the cryptid/paranormal theme I’ve been developing to date.

In hindsight, it was so obvious. Once I had the basic concept of ancient astronauts, I realized that like the Apollo missions, the ancient astronauts would want to have their own mission patches. And of course, each would be themed to one of their “landing sites”/”spaceports”! The designs began to come to life on their own. I knew I wanted a retro rocket thrust, the Easter Island heads in minimalist high-constast style, and the rest of the designs just flowed from there.

The name “NAZCA” is a play on both the United States space administration (“NASA”), as well as the mysterious “Nazca lines” in Peru, another mysterious ancient artifact that ties into this entire theory. I thought it was a perfect and fun way to tie this all together.

I also concoted an acronym for NAZCA to fit in with the theme:

Nibiru Astronautics & Ziggurat Construction Architechts

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