Basket Case

Funny Odd Rods/Kustom Kulture/Ed Roth style disc golf/frolf/frisbee golf cartoon character illustration.

“Basket Case” is a new t-shirt illustration design I created featuring a wild-eyed disc golfer cartoon character in the Kustom Kulture/Odd Rods/Ed “Big Daddy” Roth style — complete with veined eyes bulging out of the head, a wild and crazy grin with an exaggerated, wagging tongue dragging out of the mouth.

Available for purchase — and customization — over at Zazzle. Click here to get yours now!

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“Left, Right, Setty!” cartoon character drawing

Cartoon character with bulging eyes & tongue hanging out throwing dice, holding a shot glassThis cartoon character drawing was created for a friend’s upcoming party, which will also be doubling as a U.S. wedding reception for our friend Setty, who just got married over in India.

Setty is obsessed with the drinking dice game “Left, Right, Center”. He’s also notorious for exclaiming “Shots!” when out drinking, therefore the shot glass.

The friend who requested the art suggested creating it in the Odd Rods/”Big Daddy” Roth style which I am known to emulate from time to time.

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Odd Rods style scooter hot rod cartoon art at The Scooter Scoop

Odd Rods inspired scooter hot rod cartoon art
Hot-rod scooter cartoon mascot character.

Steve over at The Scooter Scoop commissioned me a few months back to create an original Odd Rods inspired cartoon illustration for his blog. He’s posted a kudo-laden entry about the Odd Rods style scooter monster hot rod cartoon art I did for him, and I appreciate it very much. Just wanted to return the favor and give Steve and The Scooter Scoop a little press.The “Mod Rod” cartoon art is available at Café Press as well.

Thanks Steve!

Official Odd Rods trading cards website redesign now live

Odd Rods trading cards collage

For the past few months I have been working on a pretty cool project, redesigning the official website for the relaunch of the classic Odd Rods™ trading card series of crazy, funny cartoon hot rod monsters & creatures – big eyes bugging out, goofy smiles with teeth bared & tongues wagging. The proud new owners of the Odd Rods™ trademarks and copyrights got in touch with the original cartoonist/illustrator/artist extraordinaire Bob “B.K.” Taylor to bring these awesome cartoon characters back into the popular culture where they belong.

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