Hot Rod Goon Sketch


Sketch of a hot rod goon character

A recent sketch of a hot rod goon/monster. This started out as just a character doodle that got converted into a hot rod goon.I really wanted to play with the angle and personality of the hands, as well as use this as practice with shading. Never hurts to keep your chops up. You can even see me reworking the angle & size of the car. This is by no means a final illustration, just some practice cartooning. I especially like howw some of the curves and lines in the face came out, the have a real nice flowing, cartoony style.

A big tip is always to cut back on the shading. Sometimes, since these are doodles, I’ll just keep going and going until it’s a big mess. On the other hand, not enough shading is also a big mistake. Really make those dark areas dark – get it to pop. Think of it as carving.

The final result is a great example of loosening up within a working style. This monster defintely has some personality to make him unique along with other hot rod goons I have worked on. Draw, draw draw – it’s the only way to get better.