Quit Photoshop to save your custom Actions



You just fine tuned a custom action in Photoshop to, say, convert an image to CMYK, resize without resampling to 300 dpi and save as a .psd file, to like, save a bunch of time.

Then, to your dismay, Photoshop crashes because of the 7,492 Dashboard Widgets and shareware doodads you have running simultaneously (even though you know better).

And your custom Action is GONE.

Yeah, I know you can save your Actions as files (which you should do), and then you can reload them. But for a quick save, just quit.

After you have spent an hour or so getting it just right (why the $#@%! does it always try to save in the exact folder I did a “Save as..” in when creating the Action?) you don’t want to go through all that again.

I wonder if you can make an Action to save your Actions?