Buy One, Get One Freemason


Just a quick doodle I did while I should have been doing something more productive, I’m sure. Maybe I just wanted to draw a fez. I can’t recall which came first – the fez or the “Eye in the Pyramid” coin.


I had to get this back up, I lost all my images when moving the blog to my host. Or maybe just the ones that started out on Blogger.

Anyways, yet another cartoon sketch that started out as a quick doodle of eyes, and the imagination began filling in the rest.

The eyes almost demanded a fez, and you can’t have a fez without some sort of Egypt references. He has that Boris Karloff/Peter Lorre thing going on for sure.

The weird extended face is just something that pops up in my drawings from time to time. I love exaggerating features. I guess most cartoonists do. That’s what makes them cartoons, right?

Once again, some practice with shading techniques to keep the chops up. I hate when I have extended periods of time without working on lots of sketches. Sometimes other projects just take precedent.

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