Drunk Cartoon Skeleton

cartoon skeleton sketch-thumb.jpg

Another red pen cartoon sketch. This time it’s a whiskey drinkin’, bone clankin’ skeleton!

This little skeleton cartoon sketch is most definitely going to become a full-fleged illustration at some point in the near future. He’s perfect for a t-shirt.

Drunk cartoon skeleton t-shirtUPDATE: The Drunk Cartoon Skeleton t-shirt is now available!! And in glorious red ink, contradicting what I say in the next sentence.


cartoon skeleton with bottle of liquor/booze, sketch drawn in red ink

Most likely the red pen will not be used (and no, I will make no references to Red Skelton here. Too obvious.)

Again, the red pen effect came about from the fact that one of my sales rep buddies at the Free Times in Cleveland likes to “borrow” pens from me from time to time. Seems no one wants a red pen, although I find uses for them.

What’s the deal with the black lines? I started this doodle out on a page ripped from one of those giant wall calendars. I hate wasting paper, so when I rip off each month I leave it on my desk to sketch on.

I have always, since I was a very young child, been fascinated with skeletons, and drawing skeletons. I was the kid who had a Halloween theme to every holiday project in grade school. I need to dig some of that stuff up someday. Of course, back then I wasn’t putting whiskey bottles in the hands of my monsters. In those days it was beer cans :)

Man, I love that angry drunk skeleton! Can’t beat a bunch of bones with a bottle of booze.

UPDATE: Recently stumbled across this: skeletal systems of famous cartoon characters. I saw something like this in MAD Magazine years ago, but the DaVinci-esque quality & parchment paper is a nice touch.

7 thoughts on “Drunk Cartoon Skeleton

  1. hi, I have a friend who is an aspiring cartoonist. I noticed that you said you drew this skeleton on notebook paper, but how did you get it into jpg format? Is that some kind of scanner? Thanks for any info.

  2. This was actually drawn on a used wall calendar page, but same difference. It was scanned in using my Canon CanoScan LiDE 30 Scanner which seems to no longer be available, but I am sure there are new versions. It’s a great, inexpensive scanner.

    Image was scanned in at 200 dpi (I always scan sketches in at 200 dpi so I can zoom in on them when using as templates in Illustrator later on), then resized to 72 dpi for the web via the “Save for Web” option in Photoshop. I chose JPEG as the format and that was it.

  3. Hello George,

    I can attest to the gory Halloween costumes. I remember we went out for Halloween in about 1984 together. You had pieces of debris attached to yourself with blood all over the place. I was dressed in a whole bunch of weird clothes from a thrift store. What’s funny is I still buy clothes at thrift stores and you are still sketching skeletons and things like that. Hope all is well in Kent.

  4. George if you did this sketch if you send me your email i can send you a high resolution of the outline so you can colour it to what ever exstent you want. i liked it so much i used it as a training material for adobe illustrator. just got it finished. and yes would look great on a T shirt or tattoo. fuck the world i died the way i wanted (drunk)

    email adress is wpd.ays@ntlworld.com

    cheers from Lee

  5. Hi! I love the skeleton.. infact.. do you take requets? I have a band, and we’re kinda looking for a logo.. The bands name is The second zone… Well, if you do take requests, THANX! if you don’t… thanks anyway.. :D


  6. Crap, I didn’t get notification of the comments here – just saw these. Thanks to all for the compliments.

    And yes, I am available for custom work. Just hit the “Contact” tab at the top navigation bar and drop me a line.

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