Devil head color sketch drawingExperimenting with shading and highlighting techniques in Photoshop, for eventual vector art creation.

Initially I wanted to explore the “sawtooth” style shading (as hinted at in the red highlights in the image), but started playing with a subtractive technique, where I painted on a filled shading layer and then erased out the highlights.

Here’s a crop of an earlier grayscale version of the sketch, where I was blocking out shading regions:

4 thoughts on “Devil

  1. Hey George,
    I like the looks of your little devil dude and the shading techniques you’ve used. I’d definitely stick with the sawtooth style shading. Angular is better when dealing with demonic subject matter IMHO. Very nice work as usual.

    T Mac

  2. Awesome piece George, love the dark shading… reminds me a bit of Von Glitscha’s style… Waaait a minute, it actually kinda LOOKS like Von. :-)

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