Cartoon Goldfish Character Illustration

Cartoon goldfish vector art illustrationFairly recently I worked up this cartoon goldfish for an illustration project of a cartoon style aquarium. This was part of a recent round of cartoon illustration work for a client doing some re-branding of their aquarium water treatment/cleaner/additive Algone. The cartoon fish tank illustration was used to update a product instruction sheet.

Other recent work for Algone included a super-hero style mascot cartoon character (a water drop!), along with a band of baddies (algae, cloudy water and nitrates). The super-hero mascot was included on a packaging redesign, which the client loved, but his suppliers had reservations about. We redesigned the packaging with a less cartoonish look to it. I just got the final printed samples in the mail this weekend, they came out great!

In the near future, I’ll be posting the other characters & designs developed for this client in upcoming posts as well as additions to my main portfolio website.

Cartoon goldfish mascot character vector art illustration.

Check out the goldfish cartoon character on the portfolio.

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