Cool Guy/Rocker Dude Cartoon Character Sketch

Rocker dude with tattoos & soul patch cartoon character sketchThis cartoon sketch of a trendy ‘cool guy’ rocker type mascot character was created for a current project. He was to the the male ‘companion’ character for the cute cartoon indie rock/alternative rock girl¬†created for the same project. While I love how the head and face came out, I am not so pleased with the body – could use a bit more flair. This is an initial working sketch, so had the client approved that would have been edited. The client wanted to go in a different direction with him, so he’s on the reserve list for perhaps another project.

I was under the impression the character was to be a sort of MTV rocker type, but the client wanted more of a pretty-boy look to the character. The character description included earring, tattoos, long-ish hair as well as trendy facial hair (hence the ‘soul patch’). I thought this guy was right on, at least the face/head, but the character was not what the client was looking for at all. The revised character is still in the concept stage waiting approval/revisions at this point in time.

The initial sketch was done on paper and pencil, scanned into Photoshop and then refined and quickly shaded using the Wacom tablet.
Rocker dude with tattoos & soul patch cartoon character mascot illustration sketch.

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