Cartoon Nerd & Geek t-shirts available for purchase online

Cartoon nerd/geek t-shirt

Available from my online cartoon art store at now, get your very own Nerd or Geek t-shirt and flaunt your inner (or outer) geek/nerd with this popular cartoon geek illustration. Pocket protector not included.Shirts are available in black and white, with your choice of the word “nerd” or “geek” in a huge, typewriter-style typeface on the back. Visit the Coghill Cartooning store at Zazzle for all the variations.

Zazzle lets you customize the crap out of the design, so go wild and customize your shirt for your specific nerdishness. You can also pick different shirt colors for the white version of the shirt, but white areas in the art print the color of the shirt so it might look a little weird. But hey, you might look a little weird, so it might all cancel each other out. Black t-shirts come only in black, and no weirdness with the white in the art, just weirdness with the wearer of the shirt.

Stay tuned – more cool cartoon art apparel from my voluminous portfolio of illustration art to be available very soon.

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