Adobe Illustrator WOW! Advanced Vector Techniques Book CS6/CC Edition

The CS6/Creative Cloud version of the superb Adobe Illustrator WOW! Book with advanced vector art techniques is now available. Along with my earlier technique contribution to the Illustrator WOW! CS6 edition last year, this updated edition has some more tips and techniques where I reveal the arcane secrets of my vector art workflow to the unsuspecting reader!

Adobe Illustrator WOW! CS6/CC book cover

This time around you’ll get a tip on ways to use the new custom Tools Panel feature and how to integrate it with a custom Workspace as well as a tip on using the Path Reshape feature with brushed strokes. Both features are new additions to Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 and pretty nifty to have around.

As usual, I highly recommend the Illustrator WOW! series of books for any vector artist out there looking to take their skills to the next level, regardless of your current level. The WOW! books not only helped me back when I was first learning Adobe Illustrator and vector art, but they continue to help me expand my knowledge in surpassing ways to this day. Sharon Steuer knows her stuff and assembles a team of artists who do as well.