Ghost Guard Lapel Pins


Ghost Guard lapel pin glow-in-the-dark

A preview of the lapel pins for the Ghost Guard merchandise set. These are top-quality 1.75″ tall hard enamel lapel pins, and the white areas in the design are glow-in-the-dark!

These will be packaged with the Ghost Guard embroidered patches and the Ghost Guard I.D. cards as a set.

I’m looking forward to getting these out to all the awesome backers of the “Ghost Guard” Kickstarter campaign that made these and all the other Ghost Guard merchandise possible.

The full lineup of Ghost Guard embroidered patches and the Ghost Guard lapel pins will be available on my Etsy shop along with all my other paranormal, Bigfoot and UFO related patches, stickers, t-shirts and other fun supernatural-themed monster and creature artist merchandise.