Cartooning & Illustration: Recent & Current Work Teaser


It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my blog with recent work, I have been (gladly) super busy with client projects, deadlines and upcoming work that I need to make time for now. A lot of really great cartooning projects have been recently wrapped up, with lots more good stuff on the digital drawing board right now.

The image above is a quick teaser showcasing some of the recent work — both finished and in progress — including: a cartoon Marines character for a t-shirt design for a Young Marines troop, a cartoon monster character for a self-published children’s book project I was just awarded, a cartoon ogre mascot for a video game portal website, an “inventor Mom” character with her home made robot, a tough security guard/body guard mascot character for an online data storage company, a puppy dog mascot character, a surfer character for a gyro/souvlaki restaurant, a frog version of the Statue of Liberty for the Ohio Canal Corridor’s annual event t-shirt, more avatar portrait illustrations for the Cleveland, Ohio travel & visitors bureau Positively Cleveland, and a fish mascot character and logo for a niche fishing utility product.

Whew! And that’s just the most recent. There’s lots more on the plate right now that’s upcoming, including novelty product concept & turnaround art, cartoon-style footwear designs for toddler’s shoes, and a space-themed t-shirt design for an upcoming cake design competition.

I’l be posting in-depth posts on all of the above work once things settle back to a less hectic pace. For now, I just wanted to pop my head up from the desk and get a teaser of some of my recent artwork up here. Lots of good stuff coming soon!

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