“Liberty Girl” Cartoon Character Pinup Sketch

Cartoon pinup girl sketch

This sketch was for a client that went MIA after we got started on the project. The theme was for a “USA” branded pinup style girl — the draped fabric was to be a United States flag.

I think the drapery was coming along nicely, but I know I was dreading making all the Stars & Stripes read realistically enough. Probably wouldn’t have been as hard as I imagined though.

She’s been sitting in my hard drive long enough and I liked how this was coming along so I thought I would share.

5 thoughts on ““Liberty Girl” Cartoon Character Pinup Sketch

  1. Really loving your work George, its sexy time!
    One question – did you do the illustraions for a computer game ‘Day of the Tentacle’? Because thats what your work reminds me of (a good thing).

  2. I love you style, I have to admit that it reminds me of Day of the Tentacle too, which is a great thing.

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