Surfer Dude Cartoon Character Sketch

Surfer Dude cartoon character art sketchThis drawing of a surfer dude cartoon character was sketched for a current project. He came out pretty cool and I thought I would share as the final will most likely be tweaked in response to client input. The other characters in the series are leaning towards a different body/head ratio as well, so he’ll have to be adjusted. Sometimes what works for one character doesn’t work well across multiple characters.

One thing that will definitely change will be the “hang loose” hand gesture, it looks too much like “call me”. This was one of those drawings where the artwork just seemed to flow out of the pencil. The hands came out especially nice without much reworking (if any, I can’t recall now).

Also posted over at the community illustrator blog Sugar Frosted Goodness and my account at Flickr:

Surfer dude cartoon character at Sugar Frosted Goodness

Surfer dude cartoon character at Flickr

Surfer Dude cartoon character mascot art sketch

3 thoughts on “Surfer Dude Cartoon Character Sketch

  1. Im relly intrested in all of these desighns im a senior in highschool and im looking into a career that uses this type of skills i love to draw and i love to come up with ideas like logos and also other things for companys well i would like to do that and i was wondering where i should go to have a steady career and what then would be the right place to go into when i go to college if you know what i mean.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Look into graphic design courses at colleges/universities/art schools (sometimes referred to as ‘visual communication’). If you want to look into illustration, then look for schools that offer illustration courses/degrees like the Art Institutes.

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