SmudgeGuard – Handy Accessory For Wacom Users & Graphic Artists

Yeah, I know – it looks kinda weird. And what is the SmudgeGuard exactly? As you can see from the product shot, it’s kind of a glove – one that only covers the pinky finger and the meaty area of the palm below.

Originally designed for artist lefties who were always smudging their work when drawing their palms across their artwork, it’s also useful for any artist working in pencil, charcoal or related media where a hand-drag can smudge the artwork. And, interestingly enough, it’s also quite useful for Wacom graphics tablet users.

I know what you’re thinking – there’s nothing to smudge on a Wacom tablet. In the case of the Wacom however, what the creative person using a graphics tablet usually experiences instead is a bit of a tacky grab from the palm as your hand glides over the Wacom surface.

I actually purchased a SmudgeGuard in early summer when the humidity levels were unbearable – just before getting an A/C unit from my kind landlord. However, I have continued to use the SmudgeGuard and actually now have a hard time using one without it; I have come to enjoy using it that much.

Made from a very lightweight Spandex material, it fits snug – but isn’t constricting in any way. Jeannie Lit, the inventor, has a handy sizing chart and instructions on her site that worked perfect for me. there’s standard sizes – small, medium, large – so there will be a bit of variation for different users.

It works great, and glides across the surface of the Wacom perfectly. I can also see how this tool would be immensely useful for any graphic artist using the aforementioned pencil & charcoalespecially lefties.

It’s inexpensive as well – only $15 plus a couple of bucks for shipping. I would highly recommend picking one up. There’s a 30-day return as long as you return in new condition, and you should be able to tell in the first few minutes of using this if it’s for you or not.

And yes, your friends will tease you if they see you wearing it, but it’s worth the price for such a handy artist accessory. I like to pull just the pinky finger covering off and tuck it in the wrist band area when not in use, to keep it out of the way without removing it – or when friends stop over!

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