SCUBA & Snorkeling Fins Dive Flag T-Shirt

SCUBA/snorkeling fin dive flag t-shirt designI just posted this SCUBA dive flag t-shirt design up on Zazzle. I was going through some of my archives and had forgotten about this one. I came up with this after taking a camping trip to the Florida Keys (the Bahia Honda Key in particular) a few years ago.

The campsites are right on the beach (with electricity even!), and it’s one of the few areas in the world where snorkeling can be done right from the shore. The entire group brought snorkeling gear “just in case”, but we all found ourselves instant snorkeling enthusiasts from day one. From the outside, it seems kinda boring. When you are actually doing it, it’s inexplicably awesome. Since the creative gears are always crankin’, I ended up working up some sketches for t-shirt ideas and when this one popped up, I knew I had a winner. And then I promptly filed it away and lost track of it for three years!

For those of you not familiar with the dive flag, it technically a SCUBA tool, the red field with diagonal white stripe signifying a SCUBA diver is exploring somewhere underneath the floating beacon (it’s tethered to the diver). My twist was to use the wedge-shaped design of the SCUBA/snorkeling dive fins to create the effect of the dive flag design.

On a side note, I highly recommend taking a vacation down at the Bahia Honda Key. The campsites as mentioned are right no the ocean, and at the time we went the State Park only charged like $12 per person/per night for a campsite. They were clean and had plenty of privacy between campsites. Reservation are limited and book up very quickly. Everyone on the trip agreed it was one we all wanted to do again. Be sure to bring your suntan lotion and industrial strength bug repellent!