Free ‘Flatting’ Photoshop Plugin For Comic Artists

Just stumbled across these handy – and freePhotoshop plugins which should be a huge time-saver for comic artists who ink & color their pages in Photoshop. A process also known as ‘flatting’.

These have to be a huge productivity booster to any artist working with coloring line art in Photoshop, not just comic book artists and the like.

I can already envision many applications for these in my workflow, even though I am primarily a vector artist.

From the plugin’s web site:

In the production of comics a special trapping method, called “Flatting” is used. The colored area’s are butted against each other under the line art. The MultiFill and Flatten Plug-In’s assist in “Flatting” and can save a lot of time.

Pretty awesome, and did I mention free? The comic artist flatting Photoshop plugins are available for both Mac and Windows users, and supports Photoshop 6 all the way up the CS3. Head over to Boudewijn Pelt’s website and grab a set for yourself. Should be perfect for all you graphic novel and  out there.

And once you’ve given them a try (or if you’re already using them), please drop a note in the comments area below.

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