Symmetries – Vector Path Software Tool

Symmetries from Earthlinksoft Software is an interesting symmetrical vector object generator tool.

The control system is very intuitive, requring no knowledge of how to manipulate vector paths. While simplistic, it gives one a high level of control over exploring interesting symmetrical objects. I did find that there seemed to be a bit of a genre of shapes that were the calling card for this tool, but maybe I just¬†didn’t play with it enough.

Symmetries does not generate tiled patterns, but rather single vector objects, which then can be pasted into the vector software of your choosing for futher editing. The demo mode¬†doesn’t allow this, so I couldn’t test it.

It seems this might be a great tool for certain applications, more of a niche tool than something for everybody, but I though I would pass it along.

Pricing is 10 Euros, which is about $15 for us U.S. folks.