Annotated Keyboard Graphic With Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

annotated keyboard for photoshop shortcutsHere’s a pretty handy little reference graphic: an annotated keyboard with Photoshop’s keyboard shortcuts. And even an extended text-based shortcut chart on the bottom!

This makes me think that not only could it use a bit of spicing up in the visual sense, but also that this would be pretty handy for Illustrator users as well… maybe even incorporating Modifier key shortcuts to boot.

At no risk of sounding redundant (since I think this is one of the most important skills to pick up): learn your keyboard shortcuts. Seriously, it will take you about a week or so to pick up the basics (the main tools), and even this is a major improvement over not using any at all. In time you’ll pick up more and more, and soon the software interface will become almost transparent, and you’ll feel like you are working on your art, not working on your art on a computer.

Yeah, I am sure the computer mouse will go down in history as one of the greatest inventions of all time – quit using it! At least quit using it for everything.

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